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Why we believe in handcrafted products for children.

At Polkadot Patch Boutique we are dedicated to featuring high quality, functional, and always fun and unique handcrafted children's products. We are dedicated to supporting artisans, craftspeople, and designers in their craft and encouraging the creation of unique, beautiful products for children.

It is our hope that by showcasing exceptional artists from Vermont, New England and around the country, we will broaden the appreciation for handcrafted children's products everywhere!

Here are our top reasons why handcrafted (or if you prefer, handmade) children's products are simply...wonderful:

  1. Unique products. Handcrafted products are truly unique and many are one-of-a-kind. Artisans draw on their individual backgrounds and experiences when developing and creating, and often their products evolve with the growth of the artist into truly exceptional products for kids.

  2. Not mass produced. Handcrafted products can't be produced overseas or on a production line. They are painstakingly crafted with dedication, love, and a passion to create by each artisan.

  3. Superior quality. While some people equate handmade products with low quality production, the handcrafted products on Polkadot Patch Boutique are of superb, and are sometimes a much higher quality then even brands considered "designer" children's products.

  4. Support artisans. What better way to support "the arts" then to purchase art? From wearable art to functional children's gifts, buying artisan made products allows artists to keep producing their items!

  5. Inspiration for children to explore creativity and art. When children receive handcrafted gifts, they are inspired to create art themselves. Whether it's a finger-painted masterpiece or a jello sculpture, all budding artists have to find inspiration somewhere!

  6. Develop an appreciation for handcrafted art. Many handcrafted products are very labor intensive. By showcasing these items we hope that others will learn from, and appreciate, the skill needed for an individual to create such exceptional products. We are often amazed by the process many artists go through to create their craft.

  7. Support local economies and hard working craftspeople. At Polkadot Patch Boutique we are dedicated to working with local craftspeople to support our Vermont communities. In addition, we support all artists in the hope that no matter where they live, their art will to continue to thrive.

See a selection of our handcrafted artisan items here.


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