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Back to School: What clothing should my child wear to Kindergarten?

Congratulations! You have a child ready to enter Kindergarten. How exciting for both you and your child. Entering school is a special time for coming-of-age experiences and often a back to school wardrobe. But many parents wonder what type of clothes does a child really need for school?

When children enter school they will be participating in activities that require comfortable clothing. As a parent you should expect clothing worn to school to get dirty, lost, and possibly torn. Many children worry about getting their clothes dirty and disappointing their parents. You can ease your child's worries by dressing him in clothing that can get soiled. Of course, special days such as the first day of school and picture day, warrant a special outfit, but most days children should wear "everyday" clothing. Clothing for children should be:

  • Comfortable. From swinging on swings to sitting cross legged on the floor, children's clothing should allow them to move comfortably inside and out.

  • Independent-dressing: At school, children are expected to use the restrooms on their own. Children need to be able to dress and undress to make their experiences using the restroom successful. Many parents don't realize how difficult overalls or snap buttons can be for a young child at school. And most children don't like to ask their teacher for help dressing them after using the restroom.

  • Appropriate: Children may love to wear pj's all day long at home or belly shirts, but at school there is an expectation that children will wear appropriate clothing. Check the school's dress code and ask the teacher if you have questions about specific items or outfits.

  • Layered: Schools are widely known for having irregular heating and air conditioning which leave classroom environments unpredictable. By layering your child's clothing, your child will know that becoming warmer or cooler is as simple as adding or removing clothing.

  • Seasonal: Dependant upon the climate in which you live, most clothing should be seasonal. Check the weather forecast every evening and dress your child for the forecast. Many schools will go outside for recess even in snow, so children should wear snow pants, boots, hats and mittens. For warmer climates, children should wear shorts and breathable fabrics.

  • Easy care: After school is complete, children's clothes should be treated for stains and then tossed in the laundry basket. To make any parent's life easier, all school clothing should be machine washable.

In addition to clothing basics, your child will need a backpack, sneakers, and lunchbox or bag.

One final must for school clothes is to label each item of clothing with the child's initials. It's very easy for clothing to be misplaced or lost while at school and it's an important skill for children to learn their initials and to look in the lost and found for missing articles.


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