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Our Philosophy and Beliefs
(about children and children's products)

Our beliefs:
We believe in childhood. We believe in free spirits, imagination and creativity, inspiration, laughter, joyful exuberance and keeping childhood for kids (and the kids at heart!)

We want our store to uphold our this philosophy and our mission as well as stand out as a unique destination amidst the big box stores.  We want to offer unique children's clothes amongst the mass marketed mini-adult styles, and poor quality imports.

We know who we are.  We want you to know who we are – and we hope that you share our beliefs and opinions.

Our philosophy:
Our Philosophy at Polkadot Patch Boutique:
  1. Children’s clothes should be high quality, fashionable styles, bright, colorful, whimsical and fun!
  2. Children’s clothes can be gender neutral and still be fun, colorful and unique.
  3. Baby clothes that break down gender biases should be available to the parents and the children that want them.
Polkadot Patch Boutique specializes in:
  • Children’s clothing that makes you smile, laugh, and wish as adults we could wear it too!
  • Vibrant colors, rich textures, and wild patterns that are eye-catching and express the fun joys of childhood!
  • Wearable art that is carefully crafted by skilled artists who have outstanding reputations.
  • High quality, comfortable clothes that your child will want to wear everyday because it’s “their favorite.”
  • Boutique and designer items that are heirloom quality with affordable prices!
  • Children’s clothing, accessories, and gifts that reflect the uncontainable spirit of children!
Polkadot Patch Boutique does not specialize in:
  • Trendy, mall style fashions that dress children to look like miniature adults. We believe children should dress, act, learn,  imagine, develop, and look like children!
  • Mass marketed clothing that you will see on every child walking down the street. We believe children’s clothes should be reflect the individuality and uniqueness of each child!
  • Overkill, stereotyped clothing with blue trucks for boys and pink princesses for girls. We believe girls and boys clothing should support an environment that is bias free and possibly be passed down from brother to sister or vice versa. We realize boys will still like trucks and girls will like princesses, but we believe they shouldn’t be conditioned by clothing to only appreciate these ideas.
  • Formal, pageant, or traditional clothing. We believe children’s clothing should whimsical and fun like childhood.


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